Tuesday, September 28, 2010

life has gone a full circle in recent times. i admire the futility that life has. it is an ever changing game of expectations. there is not even a single moment when my mind does not stop thinking, does not stop expecting and does not feel anguish or despair. while i should be thankful to Thou for giving me some wonderful moments i am always insecure and vulnerable.

i am aware of all this as i write and want to get over it. live life like life and whatever inspiring quotes i hear from people or read in books. the sayings that mind must be free of thoughts and egoless. i respect it and do intend to follow it, but it is very very idealistic to my standards.

i just want to cry cry and cry my heart out on my friend shoulder. i want to say all my doubts and all my apprehensions to you. i want you to listen to me and just listen to me only. but alas i cannot muster the courage to ask my friend. why do i think that u will leave me and go astray. why do i think that u will become indifferent to me. i dote on my friends like anything and give them my unequal care. i will/shall not expect anything in return but it invariably happens. this cycle is vicious and i m getting vanquished in it. i m dying a slow death dear and it is very painful. there is no one to share it with. why don't u come, just come once and ask me to reveal everything to u. please, ask me out, please take me somewhere. i m not gonna last long and i don't have the courage to ask u a favor. please come to me my friend just this once....

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


You are the murmur of the heart
Not just words, even of whispers between you are part
With you, every step is living new
You are innocent as dew, filled with brightest hue

Sun paints you golden, moon renders silvery hair
I share bits and pieces, with you I lay my heart bare
I will keep it short, sweet and simple
You are the cutest dimple, shiniest star to twinkle


I have known none more alive
To achieve how greatly you strive
I m awestruck by your zeal and drive
In dreams and thoughts, to give hope, you always arrive

Fate hinges on you, don’t ever go away
On snows I will ride your slay
With you, under rains I wish to sway
You cast your spell, like brightest ray.


You are present in shades of blue, yellow and green
Never before and after, will such beauty be seen
In words how to say what you mean
Others will wither, you would never lose sheen

I can’t make you feel what I wish too,
If you weren’t in life what would I do
You are hot springs, cold rains and dew
But the most charming, innocent and true


In life I have seen many a lovely faces
They linger for a while and vanish without traces
With you, it’s difficult to match paces
Wind takes you places, glory rushes to embraces.

Don’t mind my trivial mistakes
I’m building a castle beneath great lakes
With bricks of love and care, devoid of hate
For you, I’ll finish it whatever it takes


Time not just passes, it flies
My heart grieves, listening to wails and cries
I seek truth in a place full of lies
I find solace in you, truth in your eyes

In a little hut besides the beautiful pond
I think of you and become fond
Without speaking you know, such is our bond
Past the stars and sun, you will rise beyond.


From ashes and graves, have risen the dead
To listen and know what you said
To walk on road to perdition and be led
Your words are everything, from life to bread

Why I am writing, I can’t explain
My emotion, why can’t I abstain
I want to dance with you in rain
Carefree of pain and being called insane